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Agama Well Rehab Complete

Posted by Steve Hall on June 17

In 2015, Drop in the Bucket, with funding from H2O for Life schools, drilled a new borehole well at Agama Primary School in Uganda. This school is very well-run and has an active water committee that has done a great job of managing the well.

Although the well has been working adequately, the government of Uganda has passed a law requiring all new wells to be fitted with stainless steel pipes. These pipes never rust and last a lot longer than galvanized iron pipes. Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, has been outfitting all of their new wells with stainless steel pipes for the last few years. By upgrading the pump and pipes, we will prolong the life of the well by many years so that the students will have clean water for decades.

This borehole well rehabilitation project included the following:
– Removing all of the old galvanized riser pipes and replacing them with new stainless steel pipes
– Replacing or cleaning and lubricating the hand pump
– Inspecting the original cement and replacing it if necessary
– Training members of the school and community to maintain and repair the pump when needed

Thanks to the St. Barnabas School WELLness Project in OH for supporting this important work!

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