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Volta Project a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on March 14

Have is a rural community located in the Adaklu district in the Volta region of Ghana. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming and hunting. The people are friendly and accommodating.

Have School, with a current population of 129 students, lacks any source of safe water since its old borehole stopped working long ago. Students are forced to spend hours fetching water and walking many miles multiple times per day. These missed hours in the classroom negatively affect their performance in school and make it extremely difficult for the teachers to provide a quality educational experience for the students. The chairman of the Parents Teachers Association lamented bitterly about the dire situation and the fact that academic performance is failing and the health of the student population is at stake due to no other option but to fetch unsafe, dirty groundwater for drinking and cleaning.

The community provided labor and much of the building materials found locally to support the rehab of the school’s borehole. In addition, a pump and PVC piping were installed to deliver water to a new poly tank, ensuring plenty of safe water for all students at all times. Our implementing partner, Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas, will ensure the success and sustainability of this life-changing project.

Thanks to Immaculate Conception School in Ohio for supporting this project!

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