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Water Warriors Festival

Posted by Steve Hall on May 2, 2023

Way to go, Westridge Water Warriors! 💦 The Westridge School for Girls, located in Pasadena, CA, raised $7,000 at their annual Water Warriors Festival last weekend, bringing their year-to-date total to a whopping $28,000.

Funds raised will support the construction of six WASH systems (water, sanitation, and hygiene education) at schools and vocational training programs, serving 3,460 students in Africa! Thank you to all who came out to support them.

Westridge School for Girls has a deep commitment to service. Students have passionately raised awareness about the lack of freshwater around the globe and have loved making a real difference for many schools in need! The middle schoolers were very motivated when they learned that children on the other side of the world would be able to attend school rather than spend hours walking for water. Girls, especially, could receive an education!

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