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MN 3rd-graders share their thoughts

Posted by Steve Hall on May 23

The third-grade class at King of Grace Luthern School in MN has participated in H2O for Life projects since 2013. “After viewing some of the videos on the H2O site, it’s impossible not to want to help some of these children who are in need of what we often take for granted, water! This year we will be raising funds by running a candy store, selling donuts, and participating in a Walk for Water. We appreciate the support the entire school shows toward our annual H2O fundraiser.”

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

I loved doing the candy store! It was a blast! It really inspired me that I can help the people who don’t have water. I really think H2O was a great idea. I hope that our store saved a few people who needed water! Some people don’t have faucets or bathrooms and I want to change that! Please donate!  -Winnie

I think the candy store was really fun because we got to see a lot of the students at the candy store. I also think that H2O was a really good idea so we could raise money for people who don’t have water and for people who need good bathrooms and running faucets and shower. We’re trying to raise money. Please donate.  -Piper

I loved the candy store! It was amazing because I got to get people candy and It is like a first miny job and were helping people by running a store and I feel like doing something so important and I am excited because I love helping people in need. -Aliyah

I really loved doing the candy store! It was so much fun! It was so much fun seeing how much money that someone brought, telling them what they can buy with the amount, and helping the little kids. I felt important while I worked and my little brother, Marvin, was just as excited as me. Please donate! People need our help! -Eva

I really thought it was fun for me to do the candy store! To help people. We need your help! Please donate! -Emilia

I think that H2O is a great idea!  I love to work in the candy store!  It is really fun. I think it takes hard work to work here and I think I did that. I loved to count money. I wish I could wok more! I hope the kids around the world get what they need! Please donate! -Chloe

I thought that the candy store was so fun! I loved helping the kids decide what to choose.  It was a little overwhelming when the kids came in and had so many coins and they were just like “How much money is this?” But it was still really great. And when you know your helping kids who don’t have water to use, it makes it ten times better. This was so great! -Claire

I loved the candy store and when I worked it was a bit stressful when kids were asking “ is this enough money” and buy like 16 suckers for 1 or 2 dollars it was  also a bit stressful when I kept dropping some coins and when money flew away because it was so windy but overall I had a great time. Hey Hey can I tell you a secret? We’re donating all of the money to H2O and you can also help by donating. -Leni

The students did a great job working with the customers and learning about retail. The store was a lot more visible when we could move it outside and we got more customers coming over and asking what H2O for Life is all about. The class did a great job of explaining what we are raising funds for.

We had perfect weather for our annual Walk for Water. It was hot enough to entice people to buy ice cream but not too hot to walk with a couple of gallons of water. Some of the kids did over 50 laps around the track to earn pledge money. You’re never too young to pick up a gallon or two of water. Way to go!

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