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Marie, See Them Grow

Posted by Steve Hall on March 28, 2023

In Luuka District, sugar cane is the largest economic resource. Many children and women have become vulnerable to exploitation, child labor, abuse, rape, and even death because of the competitive and gruesome conditions in the fields. These children have grown up thinking that working in a sugar cane field is their only way of life. The See Them Grow Foundation, our implementing partner, is working to sensitize, educate, and empower them to know that their lives can look different. The school will support up to 1,500 teenage mothers, youths and PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) in Luuka District, Eastern Uganda. This is one of the poorest districts in all of Uganda. The community has historically and continues to struggle with famine, poverty, lack of clean water, lack of educational resources, and lack of medical care. There is a disproportionately high number of orphaned children and children in need. We know that this center will be a place where children can receive the care and support, they desperately need. We also believe in the power of education to change and empower communities. Each child is a seed, and as they grow, they will provide shade and shelter for their community.

See Them Grow Foundation is constructing a vocational training center targeting over 700 teenage mothers and youths with the inclusion of PWDs and will need a well-installed biodigester toilet facility. This toilet will have flushing water with two stances for women and two stances for men. They will also have one stance for PWDs at both female and male sections to enable students and teachers to have a place of hygiene with an exemplary school toilet block in terms of comfort. The design approach adopted here seeks to provide a conducive, congenial toilet block that would enhance the learning process of the students.

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