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Kasozi Rainwater Tanks

Posted by Steve Hall on November 16

Thank you for trusting H2O for Life and Drink Local Drink Tap, our implementing partner, with your generous donation to help the people of Kasozi (Kah-Soe-Zee) Primary School in Nakasongola (Na-ka-sone-go-la), Uganda.

You’ve directly impacted the lives of 509 children, teachers, and all who come after them. You did this by funding three 10,000-liter rainwater harvesting tanks with tap stands and classroom water filters that will reliably serve this community. Their water storage capacity is now 30,000 liters. The students, teachers, and parents are thrilled to have this resource. Everyone is excited to have safe water for drinking, cooking, and handwashing!

Students previously had to walk 2 miles each way to collect water from swamps where they faced crocodiles and dangers from people. Most days, students would go without food or drinking anything unless they were able to bring a small container of water from home, which was typically not safe to consume.

The people of Kasozi truly believed this would never be possible. Your rainwater harvesting system re-writes the story of these students, breaking down barriers to education, safety, gender equity, and hygiene. Children will no longer have to fetch dirty water from far distances and miss school and fall sick because of it. You have truly made a difference in the lives of so many families. A special thank you to the following for your generosity, trust, and courage to help!

– Boardman Glenwood Junior High School, OH
– Chicago West Side Christian School, IL
– Kathy Engert, IL
– Kyle Rasmussen, WA
– Paige Hebert, MN
– Skyland Elementary School, SC
– William T. Rogers Middle School, NY

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