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Installation of Combined Water System

Posted by Steve Hall on May 30, 2023

In February 2020, the Gracias a Dios educational center was visited in the Montaña Verde community, about 35 kilometers from the center of Márcala, Honduras. It has 110 students and seven teachers. The drinking water within the school was evaluated, along with the water source and the water supply in the community. The water tests came back as contaminated and unsuitable for human consumption.

EOS INTERNATIONAL, our implementing partner, proposed the health, hygiene, and basic sanitation program to improve the quality of drinking water for school-age boys and girls and teachers who work within the school, along with supporting the school with the installation of a Combined Chlorination System for the purification of water, which will be managed through EOS’ Circuit Rider program.

Performed activities:

  • EOS International school coordinator, Oneida Lara, hosted a meeting with teachers, the school’s board of directors, and parents to inform them that EOS will support the school with a combined system for water purification. She informed the school board, teachers, and parents that part of EOS’ program is community support and that the school and parents must build the platforms for the water system to rest on per the measurements established by EOS. The community was provided with the design of the platforms. This community support is critical to the success of the program.
  • The parents built the platforms necessary to host the water system. They decided to build them out of concrete for long-term structural support.
  • EOS International installed the Combined Water system with funding provided by the H2O for Life school program.
  • EOS School Coordinator trained teachers and parents on using and managing the Combined Water System.
  • Gracias a Dios School has been added to EOS’ Circuit Rider program, in which the school coordinator will visit the school monthly to do surprise water checks to ensure 100% compliance in treating the school’s water.
  • The school coordinator will continue to provide monthly education programs to students on; water conservation, the importance of safe water, hygiene, hand washing, and climate change.

    Thank you to Istek Uluğbey High School in Istanbul, Turkey, for helping to provide the 110 students and seven teachers at Gracias a Dios School with safe drinking water!

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