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Gotong Well Drilled

Posted by Steve Hall on March 14
We are pleased to report that Water for South Sudan has drilled the well that you sponsored. We have now drilled more than 570 wells since 2005, and we are deeply grateful for the continued support from donors like you.

WFSS will continue to provide access to clean water and hygiene education, led by our South Sudan team. Although parts of South Sudan continue to experience unrest, we have been able to continue drilling wells safely. Our work continues to provide grassroots development and sustainability for rural villages and schools. The installation of a new well can also serve as a starting point for conflict resolution between groups, thus bringing peace and stability.

This well is located in the village of Gotong in Western Bahr-El-Ghazal State, South Sudan. The village chief is James Deng. The GPS coordinates of your well are 7.748591 27.905203. To view this location, copy and paste these numbers into a browser and hit “Enter” on your keyboard, then click on the map. (You may need to zoom out to see the entire area.)

Thank you for your support and generosity, which is now providing clean water, and a new future, for the people in Gotong, South Sudan.

– submitted by our implementing partner, Water for South Sudan

Thank you to the following for supporting this project:

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