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Forsyth Walk for Water

Posted by Steve Hall on June 16, 2023

During Sustainability classes with teacher Mrs. Susan Zareh, Grade 5 students at Forsyth School in St. Louis, Missouri, explored clean water access and usage at home and around the world. They learned that many women and children walk miles for hours every day to collect water that is often contaminated and can lead to sickness or even death. This knowledge inspired the grade’s 2023/24 community service project to support the installation of a well in a remote village in South Sudan through H2O for Life.

On Thursday, May 18, Forsyth students, families, faculty, and staff were encouraged to bring a dollar (or more!) to support the project, which raised $1,000 to fund the remainder needed for South Sudan School 5. Grade 5 students were stationed at Forsyth’s morning drop-off locations to raise awareness and collect donations. The following week, Grade 5 students conducted a “Walk for Water” simulation on campus to honor the women and children who walk for their family’s water on a daily basis.
-submitted by Lauren Kistner & Susan Zareh: Forsyth School

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