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Fátima Gámez

Posted by Steve Hall on January 18, 2023

Fátima Gámez is the teacher of the primary school Ofelia Cerrato located in Tolinapa, Camoapa. She has been working here for two years with 30 children who are studying to achieve their goals and dreams.

For Mrs. Gámez, a handwashing station was necessary because their children needed to wash their hands to avoid getting sick. In particular, the outbreak of Covid-19 prompted her to reach out to El Porvenir about building a place where the children can wash their hands.

Working together, El Porvenir and Mrs. Gámez have talked with the children about the importance of hand washing. Also, they have learned how to take care of their new handwashing station. “The children have learned about the importance of washing their hands and using this handwashing station,” said Mrs. Gámez referring to illnesses that threaten these children.

The children used to wash their hands using gallon jugs, pouring them over their hands to wash them. In the process, their feet got wet, and they unintentionally wasted a lot of water.

The children from this school are very happy with their hand washing station. They love the mural on it and are motivated to use this handwashing station to have a cleaner life.

Mrs. Gámez says thank you for everything you have done for her school. She asks you to continue supporting schools where not many people know about the need but where the need is great. She knows the importance and the impact that a handwashing station has on the lives of children in rural, underserved areas.

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