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Community Overcoming Obstacles

Posted by Steve Hall on January 6

The new latrine intervention at Anexo Simón Bolivar in Nicaragua has been successfully completed!

María Fernández Solórzano is the teacher at Anexo Simón Bolívar in Yalwas, Camoapa. 30 children have benefited from these new latrines. This school had a latrine, but it was in terrible condition. The latrine used by these children was broken, and when it rained, it filled up with water.

When children felt sick or had stomachaches, Ms. Fernández preferred to send those children back home. This situation made many children lose many days of classes. Also, children did not feel comfortable when they had to use the old latrine.

Parents from this community have worked hard to help provide materials to build these latrines. Reaching this community takes 40 minutes of driving and then 35 minutes of walking. To carry the hundreds of bricks, people have used horses because the road that takes you to this school is too long, and many rivers cross the path. In addition, parents helped dig holes for the latrines even when the weather was against them. Due to Hurricane Linda, the holes that parents dug were filled with water, which made work even more difficult. But, even with all these problems, construction went quickly.

Mrs. Fernández said, “this project has come to benefit everyone, not just these students, but also the future generations and parents that come to this school” Children are excited, especially girls who did not have an adequate place to do their necessities.

Mrs. Fernández wants to thank the donors that made this project possible. She now feels relaxed knowing there is a proper place where children feel safe. Also, she feels happy because now she will be able to teach children about hygiene.

Thank you to PEM Schools in MN for supporting this project!

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