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Posted by Steve Hall on June 16

We are excited to share that Bumwende Primary School in Kenya now has access to a new source of safe, clean water thanks to the completion of their new borehole well! Students and staff are already using the well’s flowing water, which will provide them with a reliable source of water for all of their daily needs. Here is the completion report provided by our implementing partner, The Water Project.

We installed new latrines and handwashing stations for students, and we trained the school on improved sanitation and hygiene practices, including COVID-19 prevention. These components work together to unlock the opportunity for these students to live better, healthier lives.

Phelisters A., a 13-year-old female student, shared her excitement regarding the new water point. “I will have enough time in class, unlike before when I was taking much time to go fetch water. I will work hard and perform well in class.”

Teachers were just as excited as the students about the new well on campus. Head Teacher Robert Indakwa, 56, said, “I will not be infected with water-related diseases such as typhoid. Thus staying healthy will lead to an improvement in my service delivery to learners.”


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