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Ukraine Relief Effort

Posted by Steve Hall on December 13, 2022

In March 2022, Wine To Water, our implementing partner, pledged to distribute 12,500 water filters for the people impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. We are excited to announce that we reached our first goal, and now 157,000+ people in Ukraine have safe drinking water. But that wasn’t all – since early Autumn, we’ve sent almost 4,000 more filters to Ukraine. In total, 15,678 filters are currently deployed in the country, with another 1,900+ still on the way.

W|W ground teams in Romania and Poland were instrumental in organizing logistics, filter training, and transportation to get water filters across borders and into Ukraine. Filters enable families on the move to collect water from rivers and streams as they seek temporary housing in conflict zones. These hollow-membrane water filters are ideal in an emergency situation because they are lightweight, portable, effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

One woman interviewed in Ukraine said, “Before war, [we] maybe thought it was important which car you have. But now, it doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. We understand it is important [to have] your mom near, some food, also water. Because now our people, [like in] Mariupol, don’t have water. They are waiting for the rain. Is that normal?”

Thanks to the generous support of partners like H2O for Life, we provide these essential filter technologies, so Ukrainians have access to clean drinking water without waiting for the rain.

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