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Well drilled for students in Uganda

Posted by Steve Hall on January 14, 2021

Ogom Telela Primary School, located in Ogom Telela Village, Pader District, Ogom Sub-County, had no source of safe water. There is a well at a health center where the students would fetch water, but the lines are long and it is a 2 km walk from the school. The school urgently needed its own water source.

Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, drilled a well that will provide safe water on school grounds for these students. Ogom Telela School is currently closed due to the pandemic, but this new well will provide safe water for these students when it is time to return. Having this new borehole well will provide plentiful safe water and allow the students to concentrate on their studies.

Thank you to Stacy Lamb for supporting this project!

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