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Ugandan Well Successfully Drilled

Posted by Steve Hall on July 26, 2021

Pader Secondary School’s only option for clean water was to buy it from a nearby trading center. For a school this large, the financial burden of having to buy water each day left them struggling to stay afloat. The school urgently needed a well of its own in order for it to stay operational and thrive.

The school is currently closed, but our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, successfully drilled a borehole well that will provide safe water on school grounds for the students when it is time to return. Pader urgently needed a permanent source of clean water. Having this well on the school grounds will provide plentiful safe water and allow these students to concentrate on their studies.

Thank you to the following for supporting this project:
Kindness Confetti Crew, SC
Kelowna Rotaract Club, BC, Canada

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