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Hlefi Project a Success

Posted by Steve Hall on September 22, 2021

Hlefi is a rural community located in the Ho-West district in the Volta region of Ghana. The pupils of Hlefi Community School came back to school with new hope and excitement. Now, for the first time since the school was established (1951), the pupils will no longer have to walk long distances in search of water for drinking and washing. With just a turn of the tap, they have an abundance of safe water. This will ultimately promote more effective use of school hours and improve the hygiene and sanitation situation, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has been rampant in the region.

The entire Hlefi community, School Management Committee (SMC), Parents Teachers Association (PTA), and pupils are grateful to now have water in their school. They are excited because the children will no longer be walking long distances looking for water, joining long queues and risking their lives crossing the road to fetch water. All this previously wasted time can now be spent in the classroom learning. This project has also come at the right time when the delta variant of COVID 19 is spreading fast in the region. With water stored in the poly-tank, the children can now wash their hands consistently after using the washroom and cleaning the school compound. In total 165 pupils, from kindergarten to grade six will benefit from this project. They cannot hide their joy coming back to school for the third semester in the academic year to see their new poly-tank with an abundance of clean water. The photos showcase the pupils’ excitement.

We have not just extended clean water to the school for drinking and washing, but also brought great joy! We are eradicating poverty and bringing hope. The entire VARAS team, our implementing NGO partner, expressed their profound gratitude!

Thanks to the following for supporting this project!
Riverbend Middle School, IA
The Embankment School, NJ

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