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NUMA NOW install a success!

Posted by Steve Hall on November 17, 2021

Crown Academy was founded in the Kissitown community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone in 2013. This primary and secondary school, which serves more than 750 students, has had many water challenges since its inception. The students had to walk to a local stream to fetch their water. In addition to the time and physical challenges that this walk for water represented, the road that students had to navigate to get to the stream was extremely busy, often flooded, slippery, and contaminated. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of H2O For Life, a NUMA NOW stand has been completed for Crown Academy.

Our implementing partner, Water4, installed a NUMA NOW which allows students access to safe, filtered, and purified water by simply turning a tap. Students no longer have to walk to a local stream to fetch their water and do not face the health consequences (such as diarrhea and cholera) that were present before the NOW was installed. Additionally, the handwashing basin is complete, allowing pure water to become safe water with the addition of sanitation and hygiene training.

Water4 is thankful for the opportunity to partner with H2O For Life as we work to ensure every home, school and clinic has access to safe water – ALWAYS.

A special thanks to the following for supporting this project!

Otter Lake Elementary School, MN
Stacy Lamb, WA

Sustainable Impact:

Water4’s approach ensures that every dollar invested in our enterprise partners yields impacts that are sustained over generations. Once the well is rehabilitated or installed, our enterprise partners enter into long-term pump insurance contracts with the communities they serve. The enterprise conducts routine maintenance and repairs as much as needed, leveraging the know-how and expertise that comes from Water4’s combined 6,600 installed and operated water points.

Up to 35% of hand pumps in rural sub-Saharan Africa are not functioning at any given time. In addition to the amount of investment, the way in which money is invested is also crucial. Other models, including government provision and community self-supply, have often failed to provide lasting services. The main reason for this is a lack of payment for water services, such that communities lack the money, skills, and tools needed to repair systems when they break down. Through professionalized services and the use of insurance contracts, Water4 enterprise partners are accountable to their customers to provide high-quality water services at all times. This customer-oriented approach has proven to yield sustainable services at a low monthly fee. This enhances the long-term functionality of the water systems while ensuring that the enterprise partner remains in business and is able to scale its impact in the market area.

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