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Virtual Walk for Water Recap

Posted by Steve Hall on April 23, 2020

Due to schools across the country being closed during this pandemic, most of our H2O for Life groups have been unable to raise funds for their partner schools or hold events as they had planned. For the last several weeks, we have been hard at work planning a virtual event for teachers, students, and their families to participate in. We are proud of how many of our supporters came together and participated in our Earth Day Virtual Walk for Water! All funds raised will help complete water, sanitation and hygiene education projects at schools around the globe (WASH in Schools initiative).

Here are a few of the highlights from our dedicated friends and a gallery of images from participants across the United States:

Anne, MN (We believe you were our first virtual walker this morning!)
“Got in miles 5 and 6 during my lunch half hour! I had to change clothes because the top on my container wasn’t on tight, so I got wet from the sloshing, spilling water.”
(We think Anne walked all day long and may still be going!)

Sisters4Water, NY
“Now more than ever, it is impossible to separate our health from our access to clean water. Starting today we pledge to walk 20 miles to celebrate Earth Day 2020! Join H2O for Life’s Virtual Walk for Water to help spread awareness and secure access to water for all.”

Shelley, WI
“Supporting my friend Patty Hall with a water walk. H2O for Life celebrating Earth Day!”

John and family, MN
“Walking for Water on a snowy Earth Day in northern Minnesota!”

Water Warriors, Woodbury, MN
“Happy Earth Day, H2O for Life! We had a successful Walk for Water and neighborhood clean up! These dedicated kiddos found all kinds of interesting objects scattered about the park and around the lake. Puzzle pieces, liquor bottles, candy wrappers, plastic bags, clothing hangars… Thanks to their efforts none of it will end up in the lake. Other walkers watched on and many expressed their thanks. Doing all that walking and scavenger hunting definitely called for cookies at the end. Proud to be a part of a great cause!”

Sylvia, FL
Raising awareness while walking in sunny Florida!

Jenni and Eden, Raleigh, NC
“We did it! One mile walked with heavy buckets that doubled as resources for thirsty doggies!”

Kate and Maddy, MN
Mom and daughter – dynamic duo walking 3 miles with their furry friends!

Thank you all for making a difference. We hope you are safe and healthy and had a wonderful Earth Day! Let’s all pledge to protect and conserve our water resources today and every day.

There’s still time to support all of our efforts by making a donation to help fund WASH in Schools projects around the globe. DONATE HERE

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