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Spreading kindness like confetti

Posted by Steve Hall on October 29, 2020

Kindness Confetti Crew is a non-profit group of youth and family volunteers in South Carolina who try to make a positive impact in their own community and around the world by spreading kindness like confetti!

The crew chose to support a new borehole well at Obolokome Primary School in Uganda.  This school does not have a source of clean water. Students must walk more than 3 km multiple times each day to fetch water from a stream with unsafe water. Obolokome is currently closed, but our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, will drill a well that will provide safe water on school grounds for the students when it is time to return.

Kindness Confetti Crew planned a Walk for Water and set a fundraising goal of $500. In just over a week, the crew has raised $1,200, crushing their original goal, for this desperately needed well.

Great work Kindness Confetti Crew! Keep spreading that confetti, you are changing the world!

You can support their efforts here

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