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Safe water for ⁠Bishop Bukenya students!

Posted by Steve Hall on September 17, 2020

Bishop Bukenya School serves 400 students in the Kalagi community, but on any given day the number of students sitting in their classrooms is often much lower. With a leaking rainwater collection system and an unsafe borehole well as their only sources of drinking water, the school has had multiple outbreaks of typhoid among the children. At the borehole well itself, children and staff must wait over an hour on average just to reach the front of the line and collect water themselves. The school has also reported that incidences of sexual harassment and assault, mugging, and other violent crimes have occurred around the well. By equipping Bishop Bukenya Nursery and Primary School with a functional rainwater collection system, we will make an immediate and critical impact on the health and safety of the school’s students and staff.

You brought clean water to 400 people
You eliminated 5.56 miles of walking per day
You reduced collection time by ⁠36.67 hours per day
You replaced a Borehole or tubewell with a Rainwater Catchment System

– Calculations are based the on number of 20 liter jerrycans used each day at this facility: 20 jerrycans
– One jerrycan per trip to original water source
– Distance is calculated for a round trip, using GPS, as the crow flies

Special thank you to:
Cooper Academy, CA for supporting this project
Our implementing partner Ugandan Water Project

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