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H2O for Life Volunteers Summit Kilimanjaro

Posted by Nick Coughlin on February 26, 2020

H2O for Life had 7 climbers summit Africa’s tallest mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro! To participate in the Charity Climb each individual raised a minimum of $5,000. Any additional funds raised support the work of H2O for Life.

Climbers: Terri Williams, Anne Silcher, Patrick Rivard, Patty Hall, Kathleen Hartzell, Linda Valeri, Kate Booth



February 24: Congratulations to our climbers! The entire team made it to the top! Elevation: 19,340 ft. The tallest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Celebrate and enjoy the journey back down Mount Kilimanjaro!

February 22: Day 4 : At the top of Barranco Wall on the way to Karanga Valley Camp. (elevation 13,100 ft)

February 21: A short clip from day 3 of the climb! The team is working hard on their journey to the summit.

February 20: The crew has safely arrived at Shira Cave Camp. Elevation 12,300 ft. All climbers are doing well! “Polepole” (poe-lay-poe-lay)

February 20: Good morning from Machame Camp! Elevation 9,300 ft. Next stop Shira Cave Camp only 6 hrs away!

February 19: The team made it to their first camp, Machame, and all are looking strong!

February 19: And they’re off! After picking up their permits, the H2O for Life team will begin on a trail that winds through corn and potato fields, and then climbs gently through the forest which is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Black and White Colobus Monkey.

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