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H2O for Life Launches Free ‘Water Guardians’ Program To Help Inspire Young Water Advocates To Get Active

Posted by Nick Coughlin on August 11, 2020

Journey Down the Mississippi Teaches Kids How to Investigate Local and Global Water Issues

H2O for Life, sponsored by The Manitou Fund, Launches Free ‘Water Guardians’ Program To Help Inspire Young Water Advocates To Get Active

St. Paul, MN. — As many parents and educators plan to teach kids at home this fall, H2O for Life — a nonprofit that activates youth to help fight the global water crisis — has launched Water Guardians, a free online curriculum for 5th to 8th grade students consisting of five lesson plans that take learners from the start of the Mississippi River, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and off to other parts of the world. During the journey, students learn about the global water crisis and are encouraged to take action locally and globally.

“The lessons in Water Guardians include a combination of online exercises, worksheets, and animated videos narrated by Nia, an energetic and motivational young water advocate,” says Water Guardians Program Manager Laura Skubic. “H2O for Life is excited to be able to offer this program during this unprecedented time when teachers are looking for fresh online content that motivates kids to learn and take action.”

In one of the Water Guardians lessons, Nia welcomes students to the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi River opens up to the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and to the wider world. Now that they’ve navigated the length of the Mississippi and explored what affects water locally, students are assigned one of six stories to read so they can see how students in areas of India, Kenya, Nicaragua, or Uganda experience water-related issues.

H2O for Life provides a service-learning opportunity that helps teachers & students raise awareness about the global water crisis. Since 2007, nearly 1 million students from H2O for Life schools around the United States have supported water, sanitation, and hygiene education projects for partner schools in the developing world.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Laura Skubic, Water Guardians Program Manager, at laura@h2oforlifeschools.org.

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