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Accessible toilets for Ugandan students

Posted by Steve Hall on February 10, 2020

The goal of our implementing partner, Youth with Physical Disability Development Forum, was to construct a new toilet block at Good Samaritan Primary School that is accessible with adaptations to suit disabled children in this school, especially the wheelchair users. Here is their project completion report:

The project commenced on 30th November after the school had closed for the holidays and construction work was carried out through December without disrupting the school operations. I am happy to report to you that the work has been completed successfully and the new toilets are currently in use by pupils. The following were the processes and modifications made on the new toilets constructed at Good Samaritan Primary School:

– Identification of a suitable site for the accessible toilets
– Digging of the toilet pits
– Purchasing and stocking all the building materials
– Laying of a concrete slab foundation, partitioned into three compartments
– Roofing of the toilet block
– Plastering of the toilet block
– Creating wider than usual doors
– Installation of a sit-on toilet with bars fixed to the walls at both sides of the toilet for support
– Installation of water harvesting tank and hand washing facility

A classroom hygiene education program has been implemented starting this year and will emphasize these topics:

– Drinking safe water
– Personal hygiene
– Coughs and sneezes spread disease
– Importance of a healthy diet
– Importance of hand washing after visiting the toilet

Good Samaritan Primary School had a total of 13 pupil dropouts, of which 7 were diagnosed with various diseases or infections, during the 2018-19 school year. After completion of this project the school attendance quickly increased by 38 new pupils.

The completion of this project anticipates the following impacts:

– Improved hygiene and sanitation behaviors
– Reduction in infectious diseases associated with poor hygiene and sanitation among pupils
– Increased number of children enrolling in school including disabled children
– Reduction in the percentage of school dropouts, especially disabled children
– Improvement in the quality of education attained by children with disabilities
– Creation of high self-esteem of children with disabilities when treated with dignity when it comes to hygiene and sanitation matters
– The children through the hygiene education program at school will be able to transfer these behaviors to their families and community

Special thanks to St. Joseph Catholic School, TX for supporting this project!

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