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20 Miles for 2020! Sisters4Water - Walk for Water

Posted by Steve Hall on April 21, 2020

Now more than ever, it is impossible to separate our health from our access to clean water. Starting today we pledge to walk 20 miles to celebrate Earth Day 2020! Join H2O for Life’s Virtual Walk for Water to help spread awareness and secure access to water for all.

Yesterday launched our 20 miles for Earth Day Virtual Walk for Water for H2O for Life! Day 35 of our potholder pledge.

Day 36 of Social Distancing! It’s also Day 3 of our pledge with @h2oforlife to #walkforwater! We’re walking 4 miles today… wanna join us?

It’s Day 37 of Social Distancing and Day 4 of our pledge with @h2oforlife to #WalkForWater! 9 miles down, 11 to go!

Jump into Tuesday! Our 20 mile pledge to #walkforwater is growing every day. Happy Day 38 of Social Distancing!

In solidarity,
Ella & Mabel

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