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Well drilled at Igunda

Posted by Steve Hall on June 19, 2019

The village of Beku-Igunda is located in Kilolo lower district along Iringa region- it is a sub-village of Nyanzwa village in Tanzania. Based on the need assessment which was conducted by our implementing partner, St. Paul Partners, it was found that the villagers were fetching water from river Ruaha which is more than five kilometers away from most residences. The river water is not safe for human consumption and carrying water long distances is very difficult and dangerous for women and children. It was also confirmed that there are crocodiles in the river which pose a great risk.

Project Goal
The goal was to provide quality, clean and safe water to Igunda Primary School to improve the quality of life for students, teachers and neighbors around the school. Having an alternative source of water will end the consumption of unclean and unsafe water. Students will also have more time for their studies by not needing to fetch water from the river, thus improving their performance.

Project Implementation
Our implementing partner for this project, St. Paul Partners, worked together with a local drilling company to successfully drill the well. This well was drilled, flushed, and tested to the standards of St. Paul Partners. A hand pump was successfully installed on the well and is functioning extremely well. Laboratory testing was conducted on the water from the borehole as well. It was shown that the water met Tanzanian water standards for domestic use. It was clear of any contamination and had decent mineral levels.

Igunda Primary School students, staff members and surrounding villagers will benefit for years to come by having a source of clean and safe water. The health and school performance of the students will also improve!

Thank you to the following US schools for raising funds for this WASH intervention:
– Carmel Middle School, IN
– Hiawatha Leadership Academy, MN
– Ira Jones Middle School, IL
– Anchored Christian School – Lauren Hayes, KY

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