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Welcome Shuling

Posted by Steve Hall on May 8, 2019

As a part of the National Committee on U.S.- China Relations – Professional Fellows Program, we have welcomed Shuling Huang to our H2O for Life office for the month of May.

Shuling is partner and executive director of MyH2O, a nonprofit headquartered in Beijing, China that focuses on water information and purification solutions in China, especially in rural areas.

Shuling received her master’s degree in ecology from the South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science, and her bachelor’s degree from the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, China.

Shuling is a Professional Fellow with the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and served in the Global Sustainability Fellows Program in 2018. In 2017, she helped lead MyH2O as a finalist at the Global Social Ventures Competition. Since 2015 Shuling has visited 10 provinces to carry out water research fieldwork.

More about MyH2O:

MyH2O, is a Chinese NGO that focuses on water information and purification solutions in China, especially in rural areas.

Through an ever-growing nationwide network of professionally trained teams, MyH2O aims to bridge the gap by collecting water quality data and real-time market data directly from customers for clean water solution providers to link their product with communities that most need them.

Over 60 million rural Chinese do not have access to clean water, but locating them is difficult without the proper data. MyH2O goes to these areas and diagnoses water problems on a case-by-case basis.

With the goal to bring data-driven clean water solutions, MyH2O reaches the population with water purification innovations and assists in delivering solutions. MyH2O’s long-term goal is to leverage the power of an information network to solve drinking water problems in rural China.

In the past 3 years, MyH2O has collected over 10,000 datasets points across 1,000 villages through a crowd-based field network consisting of university students, NGOs, and volunteers, with the ultimate goal of increasing access to rural data and more efficiently delivering solutions to the communities most in need.

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