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H2O for Life Joins Saint Peter Claver Catholic School for Water Testing Activities

Posted by Christy Andacht on May 7, 2019

This morning, I went to the Saint Peter Claver Catholic School to demonstrate the water testing activities with Judy and Danielle. The school teacher welcomed us to the water classes. We had three activities with 5th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. How to get students involved more in it? Danielle and Judy adjusted their teaching method professionally. In the beginning, Danielle chose to ask students about hearing about the global water crisis and it was immediately attracted to students’ attention! She encouraged them to think more about it. Students were very active to answer the questions. They did the water testing after Judy introduced different water measurement and water quality index. Because of different levels of students, Judy guided students to think about water in different ways, such as explaining more about the index meaning to senior students, taught more science knowledge to the 5th-grade students. As an assistant during these three classes, I also adjusted myself quickly to facilitate the experience. I encouraged senior students to do the testing by themselves and follow the instruction. I asked them the operation questions so that they may get more detail information. Students’ response to the water testing was amazing. They thought more about the water and were willing to ask more questions to Judy and Danielle.

I very much enjoy doing these interactive water testing with students organized by Judy and Daniele today! I have a little suggestion that if we would mark down the numbers of participants each time we have the water-related education activities, it would be one of the impact factors to evaluate water awareness improvement program when going to apply or storytelling in the future for H2O for life. I am sure you have also considered and done it.

Very inspiring me by the teamwork and organizing! Thanks for inviting me to attend!!



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