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Our students ‘Get it’ - Deborah Heid

Posted by Steve Hall on September 5, 2019

This fall marks the sixth year St. Joseph will have a Water Walk, and I honestly believe that our students are better people because of it.  Our job as a school is to teach our students to be responsible and productive adults. As Catholic Christians we are called to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy. One of the seven works is to give drink to the thirsty.  What a better way to walk in our faith and teach our students how to be good stewards in such a literal way.

Since we are a PK thru eighth grade school, our students learn of this plight over several years.  We walk for two hours carrying water on our backs to show solidarity to the schools we are supporting. Our students are told that they are symbolically making a water run for their fellow students across the globe. They are helping to ease the load for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  H2O for Life and its mission to help save lives by bringing water and sanitation to those who need it, is ingrained in their minds. “The students are close to our hearts,“ says eighth grader Lana Nguyen.

Last year we thought we might not meet our goal. Our Student Council stepped up and said they would donate the funds that they were going to get from an upcoming dance to help out.  As it turned out, we did meet our goal- plus some. They declined when they were offered the opportunity use the dance funds elsewhere. They wanted to pick an additional school and help them instead. “We wanted others to have some of the same opportunities we have,“ said president, Leni Nguyen.

You can ask any student who has been at St. Joseph and they will tell you. Water Walk is a fellowship- building day, but foremost they know that they are helping to save lives. They want to help other students who by no fault of their own are less fortunate.  This is our school mission. This is our human mission. Our students ‘get it’. We are thankful to H2O for Life for educating us, and giving us the opportunity to reach out to those in need.

– submitted by Deborah Heid, St. Joseph Catholic School, Arlington, TX
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