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Olivia’s Walk for Water!

Posted by Steve Hall on December 11, 2019

“I want to gather a group of friends and any friends of their friends to help raise money to change other children’s lives. I was studying about the water crisis in Africa and then learned about this organization and that I could make a difference. My mom and I decided to organize a walk on November 30th.

The plan is to meet at 8am on The Strand at El Porto and walk from there to our house. We will have bagels at coffee waiting at the house. We are open to anyone who wants to walk with us and help raise money or anyone who just wants to make a donation. Our goal is to raise the $2600 that will set these kids up for success.”

To date, Olivia and her friends, Manhattan Beach, CA, have raised over $3,200.00 to bring safe water to Itwaga Primary School in Tanzania!!!