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Henderson Hammock students dive in!

Posted by Steve Hall on March 14, 2019

Henderson Hammock Charter School in Tampa, FL sent us an update on their H2O for Life project. Continue reading to see all that these students have accomplished!

The students have been moving forward with our water crisis unit and have completed a few different projects. Here is an overview:

  • Read an article and completed fill in the blank notes to better understand the different types, and causes of, water scarcity
  • Wrote donation letters to different local businesses
  • Held water crisis camps for the younger grades that focused on key vocabulary and the consequences of the water crisis
  • Decorated one gallon water jugs for classrooms to use as collection jugs
  • Made water crisis posters that presented facts focused on the specific consequences of the water crisis in relation to economy, education, and health
  • Completed a Flipgrid post aimed at promoting awareness about the water crisis and the fundraiser
  • Planning a bingo night to raise funds

This project has been fun and has provided countless ways to cover standards and make a difference. I think the students are enjoying it as well. I hope you enjoy looking at what we have accomplished!

Thank you!

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