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HCS Prepares to Walk for Water!

Posted by Steve Hall on May 2, 2019

HCS: When the kids do our 2 mile WATER WALK (a week from Friday) for each quarter mile they walk (I.e. the full perimeter of the park) they receive a bead added to a piece of jute affixed to their belt loops…  Starting today and through next week many classes will be making beads of various kinds resembling beads from Africa… Today the 5/6 Art for Art’s Sake kids started making polymer clay beads that resemble glass beads from Ghana. Next Tuesday the 3rd grade Ubuntu kids will be joined by the upper school Student (service) Ambassadors to collaboratively make rolled paper beads after the Bead for Life model (AKA a program that helps to empower African women and helps fund and provide schooling and healthcare for children)… Thus, lessons on top of lessons — so much to learn and EVEN MORE TO DO in preparation! AND Ms. Penna has started conducting water purification demonstrations with her science classes and is helping to further explain the world’s water crisis… Some of the PBL classes have been making signage and posters for the event — while the Parent Organization is rallying together parents who will cheer on walkers (and they are also providing bottled water for all walkers), and Caitlin Loria is organizing Ubuntu parents to bake cookies (to sell for the cause) at the event… Thus, lots of things are underway thanks to the help of many different groups within the K-12 schoolwide community…. Now, YOU need to remember to do your part and get sponsors and pledges for the walk itself!!!

– Submitted by SK Duff & Ian Costello / Coordinators / Hoboken Charter School, New Jersey


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