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Drop in the Bucket partnership

Posted by Steve Hall on September 26, 2019

We love our partnership with project implementer Drop in the Bucket! Here’s a sneak peek into their work in Uganda and photos of some recently completed projects H2O for Life schools have helped support.

Building a well is fairly simple, but it’s a longer term commitment to help ensure it stays functional for years to come. That’s why once we’ve built the well, we provide the locals with tools and train them in simple repairs, help set up funds to pay for future repair costs, and come back regularly to check in. Our job, beyond installation, is when and if a well breaks, to help ensure they don’t stay broken.

By locating our wells in schools and providing water related educational materials, we support education in the village. School attendance often increases dramatically when a well is built, particularly among girls, who are typically tasked with fetching the family’s daily water. When water is at the school, girls can come to school instead of having to journey long distances to fetch the family’s water.

In addition to wells, we install flush latrines at schools, and provide materials to teach students about proper sanitation. This information then spreads throughout the village, further reducing sanitation related illnesses and deaths.

In addition to wells and sanitation systems, we have programs to help ensure girls (who tend to have a higher dropout rate) stay in school – delaying marriage and reducing the risk of death in childbirth. Educated girls grow to have a voice in their community, a better understanding of economics and opportunities, and as they parent future generations, can improve the quality of life in the village for decades to come.

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