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Ascension Catholic Academy, MN - SLAM program

Posted by Steve Hall on August 23, 2019

Exciting news from SLAM, our summer program: Our two groups of STEM scholars are learning about the global water crisis. As part of their service learning, they will work with H2O for Life to fund a new borehole well at Lunguma Primary School in Lobule, a large refugee camp in western Uganda.

The scholars planned a Walk for Water fundraiser on Wednesday, July 24. From 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., each scholar walked 15 laps around the Ascension Campus block carrying two gallons of water. This is about half of the weight that many people around the world must carry and half the time they spend carrying it to get clean water each day.

“So proud of our summer program scholars who carried water around our campus block! Their fundraising has brought in more than $1,800 so far!!!”

– Submitted by Ascension Catholic Academy

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