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Academy of the Sacred Heart’s exemplary effort!

Posted by Joe Kuzelka on May 21, 2019

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If you are looking for a prime example of a well-rounded educational fundraiser, then look no further than Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans! Academy of the Sacred heart encourages social awareness and the recognition of the need to help others in our global community, as stated in Goal Five of the Goals and Criteria of the Academy of the Sacred Heart! Sounds like an incredible effort towards educating young people towards becoming global citizens!





“Our project always begins with design thinking: how might (we) raise funds in order to provide the means to dig a well which will enable all children to attend school? We continued to discuss our social enterprise, which we call “Hearts for Humanity,” in which students produce, market, and sell student-made products as our main fundraising effort. Students learned about business, financial literacy, philanthropy, and product development.”

Students made diffuser bracelets, jelly soap, scrunchies, clay art hearts, and wood words. They also held a bake sale to raise start-up funds.

Students also read stories about the global water crisis, incorporated language arts skills throughout the project, and completed a financial literacy course in order to provide a well-rounded experience that would inspire future responsible, feasible philanthropic projects that the students could independently initiate.

Academy of the Sacred Heart was able to successfully complete and exceed their goal towards helping South Sudan School #4! Thank you to Sheila David and the 6th grade class at Academy of the Sacred Heart!!

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