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Solar Powered System Transforms Ugandan School

Posted by Steve Hall on August 6, 2018

These came in the other day and they make my heart sing! Here is the email from John Travis and Drop in the Bucket:

These were taken at the St Mary Assumpta School. This was the school your girls helped get a new water system. The school is an all-girls school and these students are pretty exceptional. It has the best equipped science labs I’ve seen at any school in Uganda and these girls are completely focused on education and their future.

Instead of just putting in a regular hand pumped well, we put in a solar powered system that pumps water all over the school. It waters the gardens, it goes to the dormitories, the science labs and the bathrooms. It’s a boarding school and most of the girls live at the school, so being able to actually bathe now is a big deal. The solar pump pumps water to a metal water tower and the tower uses gravity to send water all over the school property. They even have a garden where they are now starting to grow food. The transformation at the school is huge and it is all thanks to the clean water.

Thank you and please thank all of the amazing students from Westridge for their incredible support. Sorry about the spelling mistake in the name, I’m not sure how that got lost in translation, but just know it was from the heart.

– Submitted by Gigi Bizar, Westridge School

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