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King of Grace Candy Store

Posted by Steve Hall on May 8, 2018

King of Grace Lutheran School in MN has kicked off their 2018 campaign by opening the Candy Store!

Sales were brisk opening day.  All the students were eager to contribute to the H2O for Life campaign this year by purchasing candy at the store.  The third grade students are learning how to run a business by taking inventory, running the till, figuring out profit margins, etc.  Most important of all, they are having fun raising money for a worthy cause!

People are being so kind they are giving us so much money to donate to the people in the places so they can get toilets that flush and if you would like to help them get clean water you can help with the walk for water.
– Mikayla

I think that helping people with the water crisis is a great thing and I think it’s great that so many people care since I was little I have always liked to help out and now I can really make a difference.
– Vivian

Thank you to the people that have given money to the schools doing h2o so that people in counties that don’t have fresh water can have fresh water. 
– Kailey

Everyone in the class gets an opportunity to work the store.  The whole school is helping support H2O for Life by purchasing items from the third grade “Candy Store”.

– Submitted by King of Grace Lutheran School

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