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Completed Borehole Well at Mangani Primary

Posted by Steve Hall on January 5, 2018

Drilling and construction of the new borehole well has been successful at the Mangani Primary School.

Mangani Primary School is located in the village of Mangani in Tete Province, Mozambique, which is in the southeastern part of Africa. Mangani is near the road to Angonia and is about 200 km from the Malawi-Mozambique border. This part of Mozambique is far from any major cities and is very rural, with the primary occupation being subsistence farming. Mangani School is government-operated with 238 students in 5 classes with 5 teachers going through the 5th grade.

A special thanks to the following schools for raising funds for this project:

  • Highview Middle School, MN
  • Porter Elementary HOPE Club, AZ
  • The Naperville Crosstown Collaboration, IL
  • Walden Elementary School, IL

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