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Bluff Creek Elementary- Engaged in Action

Posted by Danielle MacGillivray on February 14, 2018

What does a classroom that is engaged look like? Sound like? Feel like? Walking into this Bluff Creek Classroom engagement is tangible; visitors can see it, hear it, and feel it. Fourth and Fifth graders work fervently to complete their task for the day; there is a thoughtful hustle in their step and passion in their voices. Students are researching, designing, collaborating, and questioning. Funny thing is, these kids don’t see this as work, they see it as a “Passion Project”. They are striving towards a purposeful end goal. At Bluff Creek Elementary kiddos are planning a Walk for Water that will¬† bring 5 toilets and a new borehole well to a community of students, just like them, at the Owina Primary School.¬†

Each student takes on a task that interests them-

Students design a Google website to advertise their Walk for Water to the community.

Students recognize the importance to inform their peers about the community they are working with. What is life like at the Owina Primary School?

Students brainstorm and discuss how they can teach their community about the Global Water Crisis? Why should it matter to them?

These fourth and fifth graders at Bluff Creek Elementary are changing the world as they plan their community Walk for Water!

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