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TAKING A STAND - Hoboken Charter School, NJ

Posted by Steve Hall on January 23, 2017

I will continue to do what I do until my voice is silenced. It is important to teach our children the importance of social justice and global stewardship. Kids need to learn to rise above themselves and advocate for others. Today, me and my third grade kids worked feverishly on WATER WINGS – our upcoming benefit to raise money and awareness re: the world water crisis… We are supporting a girl’s school in the Kibera ghetto of Nairobi. My kids are taking a stand against poverty, advocating for the rights of women and girls, and working to bring clean water to children of unfair circumstance and hardship! They are addressing water as a human right, not a source of corporate profit! They are doing additional projects with/for Bead for Life to empower African women making necklaces to sell to buy Bead for Life necklaces and presenting those to women who they respect in the community (teachers, clergy, government leaders, etc.)

There are so many levels of learning and goodness taking place and I could not be more proud of the compassion they display as they dig in to do the good work of what IS right and good! Two of the girls in the group saw my poster for the march tomorrow that reads “Strong women get things done” and they took it upon themselves to write a “cheer” that they will present at the event – Strong women get things done/Supporting each other is lots of fun/Women build bridges not walls/We’re minds and muscles not Barbie dolls! Go girls! Go girls! (And then repeated in Swahili)…

Submitted by – S.K. Duff

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