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Southeast Polk Walks for Water!

Posted by Steve Hall on June 22, 2017

While learning about the world’s natural resources students in my class (Miss Stockton) learned that resources are not evenly distributed around the world. Students learned that there is a water crisis around the world and that less than 1% of the world’s fresh water is available to humans. After many discussions as well as research over this crisis, the future we may face and the hardships many do face students wanted to do more than talk. The students asked what they could do to help, they wanted a direct relationship with others that were not as fortunate as them. That is when I remembered H2O for life, I felt that this organization is a great way to help those that do not have clean water available to them. I feel my students are the future problem solvers of the world and by partnering with a school in need as well as with H2O for life I am giving my students a chance towards humanitarianism and helping to make a small step towards ending this serious problem.

– Submitted by Kelly Stockton

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