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Skype Call With Buey Ray Tut - Stillwater Junior High

Posted by Steve Hall on January 23, 2017

SJHS AP Human Geography students participated in an excellent Skype call today with Buey Ray Tut, founder of Aqua-Africa. Aqua-Africa collaborates with Water for South Sudan, Inc. to drill wells as part of the United Peace and Development Project.

“The UPDP brings together two nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the people of South Sudan. Water for South Sudan was founded by Salva Dut, whose heritage is the Dinka tribe. Aqua-Africa‚Äôs founder is Buey Ray Tut, whose heritage is the Nuer tribe. The Dinka and Nuer have been in conflict for many years, and the most recent unrest in the country, which started in December, 2013, has largely pitted South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s Dinka ethnic group against former Vice President Riek Machar’s Nuer group.

Salva and Buey see peace coming through working together in South Sudan. They are working together not as tribal members, but as South Sudanese, uniting to transform the lives of their fellow citizens, and to bring peace to this young nation through development.”

Students created high level questions focused on the themes of culture, the refugee experience, the global water crisis, the growth of Aqua-Africa, Aqua-Africa’s relationship with Salva Dut and Water for South Sudan and current events in South Sudan.

A big thanks to Buey for his time and efforts and to Jeff Hudson and Traci Cox for their assistance.

Submitted by – Sara Damon

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