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What if I am the One?

Posted by Patty Hall on October 31, 2016

Last spring, Mrinal Save contacted H2O for Life because she was interested in H2O for Life’s global water program. She was excited to introduce her ideas to her school. We talked about ideas, and activities that she could propose to her teachers and fellow students, but she found that it was a harder task than she imagined. She sent me a note saying:

“Since we spoke last time, I have put in a lot of effort to spread awareness and most importantly to raise funds. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a teacher sponsor at our school despite the rigorous follow-up and effort on my side. However, I didn’t let that affect me and decided to do something on my own.

Rather than asking (friends) them to just donate money, I decided to sell friendship bracelets, baked goods, and chocolate roses (all homemade/crafted) door to door, at school, and to my friends while talking about the issue. My mother was gracious enough to pick up the cost of the material so that I would be able to donate the entire revenue to your organization. I managed to raise $418 dollars; I know it’s not nearly enough to partner with a school, but I figured that anything I could do was better than doing nothing, right?”

“I put in my best efforts and hope you will be able to accept this donation from me”

Of course, H2O for Life is thrilled that Mrinal was committed to the cause, and continued to raise awareness and funds that will change lives for students at a school around the world.

One person can make a difference, as Mrinal proved. Recently at our Water Ball gala event, teacher Ben Butters mentioned the song “The One” by Brandon Heath.

If I see one more light that’s fading
Hear about one more broken dream
Pray for just one more faith that’s dying
It’s one too many
And if I see one more child walking
Just one more mile for water
If I wait one more minute longer
It’s one too many
When I think of what could be
If we let our hearts believe
That it takes just one
Just one could turn this all around
And if we’re living history
How will they think of you and me
If it takes just one, just one

What if, what if, what if I’m the one

Like Mrinal, can you be the one?

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