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Testing the Waters at AFSA High School in Minnesota

Posted by Chelsea Morrison on October 19, 2016

On Tuesday, October 18th, Judy Onufer and Chelsea Morrison spent the afternoon with high school students at the Academy for Science and Agriculture (AFSA). The students were in the middle of their “go week” in which their teachers provide them with real world experiences through field trips, site visits and guest speakers. Judy, Project Manager for Race 2 Reduce and Chelsea, our GreenCorps member serving at H2O for Life for the next year, were invited by Dan Kurkiewicz to engage his students in learning experience that would bring local and global water crisis issues together. They spent the beginning of the afternoon talking to the students about the water issues that are surrounding White Bear Lake and touched on some of the national and global water crises as well. The rest of the beautiful October afternoon was spent walking to Vadnais Lake and taking some water samples. The students worked in groups and tested the ph, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen levels of the water which provided them the opportunity to take a closer look at their community water resources and learn about the science of water monitoring. While the students gained an understanding of the broader issues of water access and resource scarcity in other places around the world, they also gained a greater appreciation for the one thing that unites us all…we all need water and have a personal stake in sustainability.

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