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Salem Hills Elementary Water Fair!

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on June 20, 2016

Originally by Abby Collins

Salem Hills Elementary School in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota had an all-school Water Fair a couple weeks ago that Sarah Alexander and I got the chance to attend.

Salem Hills has been partnering with H2O for Life for many years, providing schools all over the world access to clean water. The Water Fair helped raise money for this year’s project: San Pablo School in Guatemala. Two gyms were filled with activities and excited (and well-behaved) students! In one of the gyms there were students presenting on water-related diseases with poster boards, educating others about Guatemala with trivia games, and demonstrating with dioramas how much water it takes to produce some of the foods we eat. Some of the other activities were penny tinfoil boat races, making worry dolls, Guatemalan dancing, a water droplet wall, water-themed tattoos, and a water taste test.

In the other gym, students showed off their engineering skills by displaying a huge selection of games made out of cardboard that included water and Guatemalan facts. These games were all so engaging and impressive – and challenging! All the time and effort that went into making these games really paid off. The kids loved describing how their games worked and watching us play and take pictures. These kids are brilliant!

Thanks to Jean White for the invitation Water Fair and to everyone at Salem Hills for all your hard work and creativity! You are truly making a huge difference in the lives of students at San Pablo School and their community. We look forward to partnering with you again!

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