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North Branch Middle School, End of the Year Celebration

Posted by Christy Andacht on June 20, 2016

Submitted by Summer Intern Sarah Bresnahan

On Thursday June 9th, H2O for Life was invited to be a part of North Branch Middle School’s end of the year, second annual, Teacher Torture. This school wide event was put together as a fundraiser and a celebration of the past year and their accomplishments in exceeding their goals for their H2O for Life Projects. With the whole school in attendance, the gym was filled with an incredible energy as they cheered their teachers on through each of the events.

Four brave teachers faced the Mystery Food Eating Challenge, they stomached cans of Lima beans, cold veggie & beef stew, and other mysterious delicacies. This was followed by a challenge to see how many Cheetos one teacher could toss and stick onto another teachers’ shaving cream covered head in under a minute. The most energetic event was the Dance Off/Lip Sync Challenge. Organized by grade level, the teachers preformed elaborate and very well choreographed dances in front of the entire student body. The celebration ended with the Pie Your Teacher event, where almost 20 teachers lined up facing away from the audience. Four lucky students, pulled from a raffle, silently stood behind their teacher of choice waiting with pies. As the teachers turned around, they were greeted by either a pie in the face or a wave of relief. Some were spared and others were victims of a face full of whipped cream.
The courageous North Branch teachers survived all four torture-events, and did a fantastic job of helping celebrate the success of the H2O for Life projects.
The North Branch H2O for life classes had set out to complete not only one but two projects this year. They set their goal at $6,435 to complete both a project in Kenya and Uganda. Within the last few weeks, a huge push from the 8th graders at North Branch was what it took to surpass their goal by $174, raising a grand total of $7,009. This money will be funding complete WASH projects for both the Korara Primary School for the Visually Impaired, and the Mugongo CU Day and Boarding Primary School in Uganda.
This event was a perfect example of how H2O for Life projects not only have a huge impact on the communities and schools receiving the WASH projects, but also how they transform the communities and schools that raise the funds. Kids, teachers, and community members came together around North Branch Middle school and made this project an incredible success.
We are looking forward to seeing what great work North Branch will be doing next year!
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