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From Brooklyn to the Dominican

Posted by Patty Hall on December 27, 2016

Recently we received letters from Copa Bombita School located in the Dominican Republic that were sent to their partner school in Brooklyn, NY. The United States students sent letters to Copa Bombita telling the students about their H2O for Life project and their hopes to provide clean water for the school. The letters from Brooklyn were written in Spanish, and they received letters back also written in Spanish. H2O for Life has been fortunate to host Priscila Soto, a high school intern from Costa Rica. Priscila translated the letters for us (both US and DR) and we wanted to share a sample of them with you.

US Student letter to partner school in the Dominican Republic:

Estimado estudiante de la Escuela Bombita,

Hola! Mi nombre es Heidy y voy a una escuala llamada I.S. 162 En mi escuela estamos recaudando dinero para enviar a su escuela. Mañana tenemos un festival de otoño (18 de octubre de 2016)y nuestro maestro Mr. Nisco se ofrecio para ser grabado en la pared y cada pedazo de cinta que compramos tenemos que pagar $1.00. Todo el dinero que recibimos va a tu escuela para que puedas obtener agua limpia. Tambien vamos a tener vaentas de pan y otras recaudaciounes de fondos para obtener mas dinero papa su escuela. Eso es todo y espero que regrese lo antes possible.


Heidy Ramos 706


Hi, my name is Heidy and I go to a school called I.S. 162. In my school we are making fundraisers to send money to your school. Tomorrow we have a fall festival (October 18th, 2016) and our teacher, M. Nisco offered to be taped to the wall, and for each piece of tape that we buy, we have to pay $1,00. All the money that we make will be for your school so you can have clean water. We’re also going to sell bread and we’ll be making some other fundraisers to make more money to send to your school. That’s it and I hope you write back as soon as possible.


Heidy Ramos

Response letter: (translated to English)

Mi name is Ofelia Feliz Feliz, student at Copa Bombita School.

In name of the school and my partners we want to thank you very much for the contribution that you’ve been making in benefit of the people in need.

This educational center feels very blessed when we got the news that you will be supporting the project of having potable and healthy water for everyone. Without pollution and fear when drinking water because of some bacterias in it, that’s more than enough for singing and celebrating. This year we are making a school orchard where we will grow: verdure, molondrones, corn, string beans, tayotas and others.

A million thanks for your collaboration.

With a lot of love,

Ofelia Feliz Feliz

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