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Central Middle School: A Costa Rican Connection

Posted by Chelsea Morrison on November 23, 2016

Priscila and I were lucky enough to spend two days at Central Middle School in Kristie Holman’s Spanish classes last week. Priscila (our intern from Costa Rica) taught the middle school students about what life is like in Costa Rica and shared some of her experiences with them. This was a great learning experience for the students as they gained perspective on what it’s like to live in another country. The students also seemed eager to learn more about the culture in Costa Rica. After Priscila’s presentation, I had the opportunity to talk to the students a little bit about the global water crisis. This started out with a discussion about The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (see photo below) that were drafted by the United Nations. I gave each student one of the seventeen goals and asked them to talk with the other students about how their goal related to water. I also asked them if they thought their goal could be accomplished without clean water. This was a good way to spark the students’ interest and get them thinking about how important clean water is. After this, I talked to the students about what it’s like to get clean water in developing countries. This led into a discussion about water issues that are going on here in the United States. The students were then asked to brainstorm some ways to conserve water in our schools and our homes. Some students were very creative in their answers and engaged in some great discussions. Priscila and I had a lot of fun spending two days at Central Middle School and we hope the students did as well! Whether you live in Costa Rica or Minnesota, everyone needs water and it’s everyone’s responsibility to conserve this vital resource.

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