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Uganda or Bust!

Posted by Patty Hall on February 11, 2015

H2O for Life President Patty Hall, along with Board member Kate Booth and her daughter Maddie, and Volunteers, Renee Lemieux and Christopher Jordan are heading off on an adventure.

The bags are almost packed with pen pal letters, first aid kits, soccer balls, medical supplies, tooth brushes, soap and more- donated by our wonderful H2O for Life schools and supporters.

Several schools have provided signed flags that will be hand delivered to their current global partner school.

Centennial Middle School in MN provided 15 recorders for students at St. Francis School for the Blind.  US schools are working hard to provide funds for accessible toilets, hand washing and bathing stations for the Boarding school.  We could use your support!  Please consider a donation to one of the US school campaigns supporting this project.

Be sure to check in regularly on our Facebook page and our website blog page for updates about the trip.  We hope to visit many schools while in Uganda and provide photos and stories.

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