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Uganda is beautiful, with wonderful people!

Posted by Patty Hall on February 18, 2015

Dear H2O for Life friends,

A team of volunteers from H2O for Life have completed visits to 8 schools in Uganda. Implementing partner Drop in the Bucket, assisted with the school tours. Executive Director, John Travis, met us and was an amazing host. We learned many facts about their water and toilet systems and want to share the news that all projects were fantastic!

Day One, we visited 4 schools- starting our day at 7 am and returning to our lodging at around 7 pm. It was a long day, lots of driving and an incredible experience.

Okunguro was first on our list, followed by Hope Junior, Aminet, and Madera St. Francis school School for the Blind.

The bore hole wells are providing life saving water at schools, and their innovative toilet system provides the best toilets I have seen in rural Uganda.

We have not had ANY internet connection until today-one week- and it has been hard as there are so many stories we wish to share. We will be attempting to post blogs as often as we can.

I’m adding a few photos to share. (Okunguro is wearing blue uniforms, Hope Junior wearing green, Aminet wearing pink, and Madera St. Francis, wearing maroon).

I hope to post a blog about each school later tonight-we’ll see if the internet cooperates!

Uganda is beautiful, with wonderful and welcoming people.

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