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Torture Your Teacher is a Success at North Branch Middle School!

Posted by Chelsea Morrison on June 9, 2015

Posted by H2O for Life Intern Talia Milavetz

With only two days until the end of the school year, North Branch Middle School finished up with one of their last fundraisers, Torture Your Teacher. Students filled the bleachers and spilled out onto the floor, sitting cross-legged and awaiting their teachers’ fate. They worked hard to see their teachers’ faces covered in whip cream and hair filled with egg yolk. But why would teachers agree to go through with this torture? The answer is, it’s all for a good cause.

For their second to last fundraiser of the year, North Branch students had certain goals they needed to reach in order to see their teachers participate in funny competitions. They raised enough money to see their teachers complete three tasks: a warhead challenge, an egg yolk game, and a whip cream candy hunt. With this event, students raised over $600, helping North Branch surpass their goal of $3850 raised this year for a water well in Uganda.

“All right, are we ready to start?!” The students cheered excitedly, proud of the work they’ve done, and excited to see their teachers in the games. The teachers lined up at a white table and sat down as the first task was announced. The teachers had 15 seconds to fit as many warheads into their mouths as they could. Whoever had the most at the end of the time won. When the teachers were introduced they waved their hands, pumped their fists, and motioned for the students to give them applause. The students didn’t hesitate, their enthusiasm was overwhelming. The teachers’ faces twisted and contorted with the sourness of the warheads as the students stomped their feet to cheer them on.

The second challenge of the day involved a new bunch of teachers and a carton of eggs. Each teacher picked an egg to be cracked over their heads. Half of the eggs were hard boiled and half were raw. The teachers crossed their fingers in hopes that they would be lucky enough to get the hardboiled egg. But when a raw egg cracked, the students went crazy. Egg yolks dripped onto pink striped T-shirts and khaki pants. Teachers handed out colorful towels to their colleagues who’d been hit. Finally it was time for the third task, the whip cream challenge. Five pies of white fluffy whip cream were brought out and placed in front of five brave teachers. Their goal: find all five pieces of candy buried in the pie and eat them. The teachers dived in on their mark, burying their goggle covered faces in the cool white cream.

To end the day’s activities, the North Branch principle addressed his students. He told them, “There’s an old saying, ‘Work hard, play hard.’ And we do”. Thanks to North Branch Middle School for all of your hard work this year! It was great to see you take time to play and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished.


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